Situated alongside a 4 mile long sandy beach boasting crystal clear waters and numerous daytime activities and sports Faliraki is inviting you to you its true magic. Every summer the popular resort attracts thousands of families,couples and singles from all around the globe able to cater for everyones special need. 
     Besides its breath taking golden sandy beaches, its traditional houses and tavernas , the hospitality of the locals,its wild night life,the island of Rhodes with a unique cultural importance has a wide range of monuments to display as well as a number of sites of highly important historical and cultural value making it the ideal holiday destination for those who expect a lot more from an island than just to enjoy the sun and the sea it has to offer. 

    Undoubtely, the variety of bars and clubs as well as restaurants all over Faliraki offer drinks,entertainment and tasty food making your holidays ones to remember.Also don't hesitate to visit There are many places to visit Rhodes old town and the picturesque village of Lindos that will undoubtedly take your breath away. 


 Combining natural beauty with a rich collection of historic sites and monuments as well as with the most vivid and cosmopolitan night life,the island of Rhodes is welcoming you to the best holiday of your life.

    In the middle ages(1310-1522) the island became the monopoly of the Knights of Saint John,whose main intention was to provide hospitality and protect the Christian pilgrims to the Holy Lands. Whether you are a fun of sightseeing or not , the historical Old Town of Rhodes only about 13km from Faliraki is something that you definitely shouldn't miss! The castle is really inspiring and has been maintained in exceptional condition, something which can justify why it has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site. 

    Visit the Palace of the Knights and walk along the cobbled streets and narrow alleys where a bazaar type market offers traditional crafts and other souvenirs.Additionally,Lindos is a beautiful sandy beach with amazing blue crystal clear waters and close to it,the village of Lindos which is inviting you to discover its beauty . Don't hesitate to visit and walk through the narrow streets which are pedestrian only and discover how many houses boast beautifully laid out black and white traditional courtyards. 

 Faliraki history: 

   Situated at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East,the island of Phodes has accepted great influences by the different people and different civilisations who settled on Rhodes that left their mark in all aspects of the island's culture! Its strategic position brought to the island great wealth and made the city of Rhodes one of the leading cities of the ancient Greek world.

    In 1957,a new city plan was approved and in 1960 the whole town was designated as a protected monument by the Ministry of Culture. And later on in 1988, the old town of Rhodes was selected a World Heritage City by UNESCO.In the Archaeological Service was to reconstruct and join the extensively damaged fortifications and the building which was hosting the Archaeological Museum.The lack of construction of new buildings in the medieval city at this point gave the Archaeological Service some opportunities for excavations. In historic cities like Rhodes where current life continues,architectural maintenance becomes a more difficult task.